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Watch Live: The Trial of George Zimmerman

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Justice For TrayvonFor those of you who would like to watch the trial of George Zimmerman live, you can watch it here below. Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

I will also broadcast a special episode of Diva’s World Live this evening at 6:40PM EST so we can discuss Trayvon, the trial of George Zimmerman and all the other things that have gone on this week in the news.

We are Trayvon Martin and we will NEVER FORGET.

A new post on my thoughts will also follow.


You can listen to tonight’s broadcast here or here, instructions for joining in live are posted as well.

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  • Diva B.

    Wow. The fact that the JUDGE doesn’t even have the same transcript as the defense?!?!? This is a mockery. Don West is a moron who has stumbled all over himself the whole time. He’s been badgering Ms. Jeantel for 2 days and still hasn’t shaen her testimony. What a joke.

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