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The Souls of White Folks… Why White Rage is the New Black

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White Rage is REAL!!!



Dear Vanillas…

I love y’all…  I do…

But y’all have had it really rough in the 21st century.

First, you were all be lumped into the moron pile when George Bush got elected (the FIRST time).  That HAD to be tough.  Even other countries thought you were batshit for making that decision. I know I did.  The man was a complete jackass who only cared about money (for HIS supporters and for the higher-ups in his party), wars (UNFOUNDED ones at that), fear mongering (have we gotten off that Orange alert yet???) and had a TERRIBLE grasp of the English language.

Then, in the biggest D’OH moment in American history, you somehow allowed him to get elected AGAIN.  Years after he gave us all the Gas Face when the Twin Towers were destroyed along with the loss of 3,000 lives…  After all of the maniacal decisions of his first term, somehow he “seemed” like the best choice for America.  Even when the economy was tanking, somehow there were people out there (mostly in the mid-west and the Bible Belt) extolling the virtues of how that sum’bitch went into Iraq and went after that sum’bitch Bin Laden…  not a word on how he or his policies and his party-mates tanked the economy though.  No country for that discussion…

Then, something terrible happened…  a Black man ran for President…  and he WON!!!

Suddenly, there was a smoldering ire forming.  The Black candidate was receiving death threats and having racial epithets hurled at him…  for no other reason than being Black.  In 2008.  Go figure.

Although I knew that there were plenty of White people out there who HATED the fact that Barack Hussein Obama was elected as our 44th President, I don’t think I was fully prepared for the vitriolic soup that would pass for intelligent discourse in America in the months leading UP TO his election, much less after.  I knew there were folks out there that felt that by virtue of the color of his skin, and not the content of his character, that he was a poor choice for President…

But heaven forbid I go to a NEWS SITE and look for INFORMATION on the election facts (see FOX News).  Upon being satiated with knowledge (or something like it, we all know the major news outlets don’t report actual news) I would have my eyes and brain cells assaulted by the rage filled comments section.  Jesus.  That is the WORST PLACE to see America for what it is in its sad, lonely gut.  The comment section starts off innocent enough, but get about 6 or 7 comments down and the crazy starts… (See above photo for the type of comments I’m talking about.)

Now…  The GOP gives no fucks at all about these enraged Vanilla folks.  Wait.  I lie.  They do, when it comes time to court their votes…  But the problem is, and I’m sure if you took a look at the photo you’ll understand these words, the votes they court are from pure MORONS, RACISTS and the IGNORANT POOR.  When I say the ignorant poor, I am not so stupid as to not see or understand that there are ignorant people of all races, but breaking that down is another post entirely…

Only a moron, a racist or an ignorant person would be able to fix their mouth to say the hateful things noted in the above photo.   I know, there are people of all races saying hateful things all over the place, but I find it the most disheartening that the same people who purport to CARE about the office of the Presidency can, in the SAME SENTENCE, demean, degrade and SLANDER the current sitting POTUS…

I contend that this is a taste of what the minorities (quickly becoming the majority, mostly because the people whining above about jobs would rather see someone of non-white descent doing the “low” jobs) have been feeling for CENTURIES in this country.  Watching the government meant to represent ALL of it’s citizens NOT represent the actual MAKE UP of the country. Black people have been FIGHTING to be recognized as PEOPLE forever in America and yet there are people in this country who want to say, “Welp, we’ve elected the Black guy and he did four years so we can just forget about the other bullshit, right nigger?”

NO. Not at all.

Now that these angry White people are becoming the minority, they are livid. Welcome to the club, angry White people… is it everything you thought people of color should have dreamed it would be?



Happy Black Woman 


P.S. – If any Romney, Tea Party or GOP supporters are reading this (and I doubt you are), I’d be happy to discuss INTELLIGENTLY and WITHOUT SHADE what you believe the GOP is doing for you, me and for the good of the country… But please keep the White rage out of it, I am not here for that.

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The Souls of White Folks... Why White Rage is the New Black, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  • Phillybosslady

    LMAO. As a fellow whitey, I’m both highly embarrassed and amused at this. Have you seen Ridiculous.

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    • Diva B.

      LOL!!! I most certainly HAVE seen it and I can tell you it gave me laughs for WEEKS!

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  • Bino Brown Str8UpnDown

    “…the votes they court are from pure MORONS, RACISTS and the IGNORANT POOR”

    Yeah, i believe conservative operatives and intelligent GOP specialists (ie George Will and Dick Morris) are extrememly remiss in thier duties probably because of ‘white rage.’ Not necessarily, a rage they possess, but an element that is firmly placed in the electorate.

    instead of educating the masses, the “smart ones” are allowing this vitriol to eat at the ignant’s mind and heart and actually giving credence to thier f’d up views.

    they have failed becuase they have allowed rush limbaugh and fox news to be representative of thier views, no matter how extreme or wayard they are.

    when we shy from the real problems…excuse me, when smart intelligent, former white house employees allow frivolous issues to dominate and overshadow discussion of USA’s real problems…then something’s askew. something’s wrong with that picture.
    ‘white rage’ is only good for beating up minorities and filling the coffers of proproganda machines (see rush and fox news)

    in reality, these outlets are not distributing information, but they’re rather reinforcing an attitude out there that’s quite racist and discrimnatory and smacks of derision and ugliness reminiscent of “another” time. whether the 60s in the 1900s or the 60s in the 1800s…white rage is personified in the ‘comments’ section of sites and expressed non-stop thru the likes of rush and foxnews anchors and ur local moron ignant po’ caucasian.

    we gotta get away from this approach. people have to understand, dallying with hatred will get absolutely nothing done. i pray a quick, sudden death to white rage.

    let’s face the real issues and stop bs’n with bs!
    and those people who are scared of the growing demographics of our democracy, get use to it!

    or roll out!

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    • Diva B.

      SIR!!! You understand me PERFECTLY! The issue here is when smart people not only ALLOW but MANIPULATE ignorant people to follow their philosophies no matter how asinine and utterly ridiculous.

      I have spent so much time trying to figure out how you begin to unravel the rage but I can’t understand it because it’s so much bigger than me. It’s ingrained in my nation and, alas, in myself to an extent and for that, I am truly ashamed… I am guilty of my own forms of Black Rage at times, which is why I felt it important to point this out…

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