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Somebody PLEASE get Kanye a Psychologist…

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I have been here for Kanye West. I have LOVED Kanye since his very first single, Through the Wire. He showed so much creativity and he was coherent…

That is until he tragically lost his mother, Dr. Donda West, in a freak plastic surgery incident in 2007. Since then, West has spiraled into some dark, twisted fantasy of himself that I am painfully trying to understand…

I am failing miserably.

We know Yeezy. This is a man who called then President George W. Bush a racist on national TV. This is a man who drank Hennessy on the red carpet for the 2009 MTV VMA’s and then went on stage during Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech to say that Beyonce should have won the award… he’s clearly not a man who gives any fucks about the rules or how he is perceived. And I have to say that even though all of these acts were arguably insane, they were amusing and real…

But that was all before he started his most recent tour. Lately he’s been going on rants dressed as a damn cockatoo, going on about corporations and Justin Timberlake and their mutual corporate sponsor friend, Jay-Z…

But I think this latest one is just… I don’t even know… he called in to Hot 97 to tell DJ Enuff on Angie Martinez‘s show that he thinks “Li’l Wayne is the number one rapper” and deserved his spot on MTV’s recently released Hottest MC’s in the Game list…

But  West himself was ranked number 7 and he felt that his place should have been higher, but what’s new?

The end of the interview was what got me… he went on to say that he was the one who bought Hip Hop interview veteran Sway, of Wake Up Show fame, his first TV… then he hung up.

Check out the interview below and lemme know your thoughts… has he finally gone off the deep end???


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  • Diva B.

    Also, anyone who believes Li’l Wayne is the fucking NUMBER ONE hottest MC HAS to have their head examined, or donated to science or SOMETHING!!!

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