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NEW!!! R.I.S.E. Sundays comes to Bleu Media World Radio!

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Find out more about R.I.S.E. here.

I am so excited to be able to bring this to y’all!

You may have recently noticed that the website has had some changes. This year, I formed a company called Bleu Media, a company rooted in giving opportunities to artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses and community activists to reach you, provide you with great content and products, and to help  you see new perspectives. In that vein, one of my goals was to expand my podcast programming, bringing you new content in addition to my show, Diva’s World Live.

I have been spending the last few months working toward this goal, in addition to doing more writing and guest contributing and I am proud to say that has been a successful outreach.

With that, we now welcome to the line-up of Bleu Media World Radio: R.I.S.E. Sundays, hosted by Laz!

This Sunday’s episode will be the pilot, a very timely topic indeed: White Shame | Should whites in America feel a sense of white shame in this country? With so much happening in the news these last few years, deeply rooted in the arguments about race, Laz and his panel explore the argument of whether White people in America should feel a sense of shame or repentance for the history this country is steeped in. During the episode, Laz quotes a song by rap artist Sho Baraka titled Jim Crow. The lyrics are poignant and ring true; for so many steps forward, we’ve taken many steps back.

We hope you will tune in this Sunday, November 17th, at 3PM either here on this site, or by going to the station (linked above) and tuning in there. I will also add an iTunes link to the sidebar of our website after the airing of Episode 1 on Sunday. This show is taped so no live calls will be taken, but you can comment below and share your thoughts with us about this month’s topic, and your viewpoints on the panelists comments. Starting in December, the show will air on the first Sunday of each month. Help us make R.I.S.E. Sundays a household name, one you can proudly listen to with your family and foster conversations about the world we live in today.

Thanks so much for being a fan, and know that more will be happening for Bleu Media and Diva’s World in 2014!



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