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STOP the Rapeyness!!!

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Rick Ross and his rape song... SMH... This has GOT to STOP.

Recently, in my guest post on The Urban Politico, I discussed my thoughts on feminism and chivalry and whether the two can coexist in peace. It was a post that was close to my heart because, in it, I basically came out… as a


Feminist. Well… I used the term semi-feminist, but that’s more just a semantics issue. We can delve into that in another post.

The reason why I bring that up today, is because in the 9 months or so that I had been debating taking up the Feminist mantle, there have been a rash of insane and offensive rapey moments that pretty much sent me floating graciously into Feminist Camp.  Even Law & Order SVU tackled one little gem of ignorance the other night, Legitimate Rape. Todd Akin and the thought of his term still make my skin crawl.

I  stopped by The Urban Politico’s podcast last week to talk about my guest post and stayed for the roundtable discussion at the end of the show in which we discussed rape, and whether the legalization of prostitution could have a lowering effect on the number of rapes committed in our country. I don’t believe that would help do decline the number of rapes that occur,but the gentleman who spoke on the subject was armed with studies and percentages and all I had was my opinion so who knows whether I’m right or wrong?

A good point was made during the talk about how there needs to be more education amongst the masses about what rape actually is. I made the point too, that men also get raped and those numbers will never be accurate because I believe that men report rape at even lower rates than women do. That being said, yes. We need more education.

I was once in a situation that I believed was rape but, being that I was a teenage girl and not really sure, I called WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape) to ask them if my experience was one in which I should call the police. I was told by the woman that I spoke with that I wasn’t in a situation that could be considered rape, even though I felt it that it was. I was violated, and now I felt that I had been again by not being able to DO anything about it. I was floored, but imagine how shocked I was years later in relaying the story to a friend who is very well versed in the law and finding out that is WAS rape.

So if the defenders of the victims aren’t even fully sure, we can infer that the perpetrators have grey area too, correct?  I mean, the case of rape in Steubenville, which has basically ripped the town to shreds, caused other teenage girls  to harass and threaten the victim. That is as sad as anything rapey that’s been in the news lately. And the fact that the victim wasn’t even sure if she had been raped, well… I can’t even imagine.

So that brings me to…

Rick Ross. Listen. My issues with misogyny in Hip Hop (and even R&B now, go figure) are well known and something I will be waxing poetic on soon, a piece that will be a labor of love. But this one strikes me because it’s so BLATANTLY a lyric about date rape. In fact, the line itself IS THE EXACT DEFINITION OF DRUG FACILITATED SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DATE RAPE! The offending line is as follows:

Put molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it

Last I checked, drugging a woman on a date, taking her home and having your way with her unconscious body was RAPE. Am I wrong? Did the definition of date rape suddenly change?

Now Ross is claiming it was all just a big misunderstanding. We took it the wrong way, ladies! We’re being too sensitive, at least according to him. He says of the, ahem, confusion:

“I want to make sure this is clear, that woman is the most precious gift known to man. It was a misunderstanding with a lyric, a misinterpretation where the term rape wasn’t used.

“I would never use the term rape in my records. As far as my camp, hip-hop don’t condone that. The streets don’t condone that. Nobody condones that…I just wanted to reach out to all the queens that are on my timeline and all the sexy ladies, the beautiful ladies that had been reaching out to me with the misunderstanding.”

You know… because he didn’t SAY he was going to rape her… it was just kinda implied… you can imply rape, right? That’s perfectly justifiable if you don’t actually SAY you’re going to rape her and she just wakes up with a headache and a sore snatch, right?

Watch him try to explain why the lyrics about rape weren’t really all that rapey…

I officially hand Rick Ross the keys to #TheSeatFactory. I IMPLORE him to have each and every one of them.

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  • The Janitor

    Good post!

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    • Diva B.

      Thank you. It was tough to write, as a lot of these are. But I just can’t believe that no one has to take responsibility for their words anymore. It’s ridiculous!

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    1st off, sorry to hear you were violated like that. Nobody deserves
    that. Not a soul.
    Now about this essay…
    A blatant lyrics about date rape? Nah.
    A dope lyric construction that can be construed as date rape? Yeah.
    From my own ingestion to testimonies abound, molly doesn’t make you
    forget shit like GHB, the real date rape drug.
    Slipping something unbeknownst to the individual, that aint cool…but
    to call it date rape, I disagree.

    Besides, he could’ve been referring to her…she didn’t even know HE was on Molly.
    Or…she enjoyed THAT…and she didn’t even know that SHE was on molly.

    See, art aint necessarily always ambiguous, aint always easily open
    for interpretation.

    But the lyric in Rocko’s U O E N O aint as misogynistic neither…as the
    rant queen wants me to believe.

    I’m with…I’m with…protesting this type of stuff, when it REALLY is misogynistic.
    “Fuck ‘em in the ass, throw ‘em over the bridge” you know…that’s how
    beef is, according to Biggie.
    And of course he’s “using rubbers so they won’t trace the semen.” Now
    that’s Dead Wrong aka that’s misogynistic.
    Apparently, when beef’s on…misogyny is wielded as a weapon…if you let
    Meek Mill tell it, “have my nigga snatch yo bitch and rape yo honey”
    (from “Scared Money” –  N.O.R.E. Ft. Meek Mill & Pusha T)
    Fellow Philly native told us “if you got a daughter older then 15,
    I’ma rape her” and if that wasn’t bad enough,  if “Your Bitch
    Pregnant; Rape Her!” then Beanie’s gonna “Make Her Break Her Water.”
    Never one to shy from beef, he even directed this line at Jadakiss,
    “Im thinking bout…raping his mom and making him watch”
    DMX, he’s quite the peach too, he’ll “Take her on the living room
    floor, right there in front of you” ‘Cause of course,  – X is cumming.

    And the Devil’s son himself,  Big L…he’s “all about taking funds”
    ‘cause he’s “a stone villian known for killing and raping nuns.”

    Recently, there’s been plenty of discourse surrounding ‘rape’ which is
    ultimately a good thing. We all need more education, all the time,
    These discussions are good to hold in the public realm, because the
    pervasive ‘tudes out there are just downright wayward.
    However, I think people are rushing to attack Rick Ross, because his
    detractor base is pretty large and people want to see him fall from
    the top.
    Picking on this line, is chump change compared to the stream of ‘rape’
    currency found in the lyrics of DMX and Beanie.
    I could’ve listed more instances where blatant misogyny is advocated
    in some way.

    I will say this, we love the edgy artists. Artists who push the seams,
    push the boundaries, go for the extremes…we love ‘em and ‘hate ‘em for
    But that’s what makes an artist great…or capable of reaching
    greatness, the willingness to test the limits.

    I believe very much so, Lil’ Wayne’s Emitt Till line and Rick Ross
    ‘Molly’ line were natural esoteric attempts at being edgy.

    Unlike scantily clad females or swagged out trannies in heat or puny
    male prisoners…I think its safe to say, they – Rick and Wayne – got
    what they asked for.

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    • Diva B.

      You know I love you darling… I do…

      But on this one, specifically the lyric in question, I totally, EMPHATICALLY disagree with you. The lyric is clear: I put a Molly in her drink and she ain’t even know it… now. If a man puts ANYTHING in my drink without my knowledge, that automatically makes his intentions shady. I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE!!! I don’t care how Molly affects OTHER people. In the broader context, how does he know she won’t have a bad reaction? Listen, I had a friend who I used to do E and shrooms with in college. HE ALWAYS PASSED OUT. I mean BAD. Once, he passed out on my glass coffee table. I never passed out. EVER. The fact is that any narcotic can affect anyone any old way and “you won’t even know it” until it’s too late.

      Also, he goes on to say that he took her home and enjoyed that, and she didn’t even know it… Sorry. Interpret that how you want, but that is the very definition of drug facilitated sexual assault… AKA… RAPE!

      As to the other lyrics that you refer to, you are correct in that those lyrics are truly heinous. In my youth, not fully understanding the gravity of those things I can say that I don’t think I really got just how deep they really were. until I got older. And I can’t fully say where I draw the line or why, as since I am a concubine of Hip Hop, I have had to endure the misogyny ad nauseum. I am still exploring that line, and for better or for worse this was the moment I chose to make the discussion happen, especially in light of all the EXTRA RAPEY things that I’ve been seeing in the news lately.

      I see your point. I’m a writer and and an artist so I deal with walking the line every day, most often here on this very site. The issue is, at least to me, responsibilty.

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      • Shady Grady

        Hey, I am really sorry I missed this earlier. We thought about doing a post on it but didn’t know if we would have had enough to say. There are a number of songs with lyrics in which the singer implies, threatens or sings about rape, homicide or other unpleasant activities. Most of these songs aren’t in rap.

        Off the top of my head I can think of “Midnight Rambler”, a song inspired by the Boston Strangler, in which Jagger promises to stick his knife down a woman’s throat and assures her it will hurt/kill her, “Delia’s Gone” where Johnny Cash talks of why he had to shoot and kill the woman, “Excitable Boy” where Warren Zevon speaks of rape and murder, “Edge of the World” where Faith No More sings of what appears to be a severely inappropriate relationship, if not rape and many others.

        Most people understand the lyrics aren’t to be taken seriously. I don’t listen to Rick Ross’ music but doesn’t he deserve the same artistic interpretation as the above musicians? I think, as admittedly a non-fan of most hip-hop, that it often gets a scapegoat treatment.

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        • Diva B.

          While a part of me understands the point you make, I tend to think feel that in rap, it is totally a lifestyle and while a lot of what rappers say is grossly exaggerated, there is a little bit of truth for the writer… the only other genre of music where I see this happening in remote proportion is Rock (here in America, not other countries). That being said, I listen to all genres as well as write songs and understand artistic license well… but I can’t speak on music I’ve never heard, and with the exception of probably Midnight Rambler, I don’t know these songs. I can tell you that the majority of kids aren’t coming home and listening to this mess. The real issue, among the many others, is the saturation of our music media outlets with this drivel. The song itself wasn’t artistic, it was terrible. NONE of the rappers were even GOOD, much less did the song make sense in any sense. It’s not like it was meant to tell a story and be a cautionary tale. It was glorifying rape. Period. I stand by the fact it was removed from the air. At what point does ANY artist have to be responsible for their art?

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          • Shady Grady

            I think the artist must be responsible to himself or herself. That’s the only censorship that makes sense to me. Not everything is meant to be taken literally? Did we think that Prince was actually endorsing incest with “Sister”? The murderer Richard Ramirez was a big fan of AC/DC’s particularly the song “Night Prowler” which could easily be (mis)understood as a paean to rape/murder.

            Delia’s gone

            Hey Joe

            Excitable Boy

            Again, I don’t want to defend Ross in particular or rap in general since I much don’t care for either and haven’t listened to much rap for decades. =) But given the multitude of songs that endorse or comment upon murder and rape, if I were Ross I wouldn’t apologize. Did Eminem apologize about writing “Kill You”? Did folks think he raped his mother?

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  • Lamarr Todd

    all dat cash, and you STILL gotta drug a bitch?

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    • Diva B.

      RIGHT?!?!?!? Biggie wasn’t druggin jawns. He was fat, black and ugly as ever but he got the laydays! But in all seriousness, this is plain ridiculous that he would think anyone wouldn’t catch on to this. He’s a moron!

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