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Ahhhh... Jumpoff Season is here...


So… I was asked (albeit a month ago, SMH) to do an episode of the show devoted to sex, and this is going to happen… tomorrow! But because sex is SUCH a broad topic, I decided to break it down and kick it old school. In the spirit of my original WWTF Radio podcast, I’m bringing back the weekly relationships/sex topic show! Instead of Tuesdays with Timmy (which was INCREDIBLY epic) I will be doing a Thursday night show called Down & Dirty with Diva B. This week’s episode is devoted to Jumpoffs… because it IS Jumpoff Season, after all. And yes… the Ladies’ Manual to Jumpoff Season is coming, gimme a minute, LOL!

So… prepare yourself, it ain’t for the faint of heart. I will discuss all kinds of things and even revisit some of the best topics we covered on WWTF Radio. From sex toys to favorite positions, cheating to fetishes, and EVERYTHING in between, I got you covered!

As usual, if you would like to submit ideas, be a guest or guest host, you can shoot your’s truly an email by clicking here.

And to hear the show LIVE @ 10PM EST and get all the deets on calling in , you can click here.

I definitely encourage you to share your thoughts and as I add to this series, please let me know what topics you’d like to talk about. I am here for you, you complete me… nshit.

So… if you plan to listen live or if you plan to catch the episode in the archives, I thank you. Holla @ a Diva in the comments, I’m always watching…


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