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Juneteenth 2013: The week we won and lost at the same damn time…

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What a day THIS was…

Only a week ago, we were on Twitter being fake outraged as usual; dragging Paula Deen as only we can… you know… on “Black Twitter,”  which I recently found out IS a thing.  Oh yes. There was the now infamous, and absolutely hilarious for all the wrong reasons, #PaulasBestDishes hashtag, spawned by the newly disclosed knowledge that America’s single-most customer to the butter and lard, has  “Of course!” used the N-word. You know.


And this revelation was made on Juneteenth, no less; the anniversary of the day that the country FINALLY TRIED to give us us free… almost 3 whole years after it was supposedly granted to us by the Emancipation Proclamation, and only 100 years before we were granted the the RESPECT of our right to vote… which was to be taken from us only a few days after this perceived win by the collective of Black Twitter. But more on that in the next post…

Now, there are so many arguments about whether this is something we should just let fly because, I mean, Paula Deen is old and white and Southern for crying in the biscuit dough! But no. That does NOT excuse this for me. No, not EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON in the South in the 60’s used that term or even was a racist. The fact that this very blanket statement can so blatantly be made is almost as offensive as the thought that her saying it way back when excuses the nature of it. Now, that being said, we are not just talking about her calling a “Black man that held a gun to her head” when she was working at a bank a nigger in the relative privacy of her own home. No. Two reasons why:

1) If she brought it up during the deposition, it is no longer a private thought, but a public statement. In a court of law, if a piece of evidence is deemed inadmissible for whatever reason, if you get on the stand and somehow bring it up, the cat is out of the bag. That may of course be subject to all the nuances of the case, but you should be picking up what I’m putting down…

2) This deposition was given in connection to a much larger case in which it is alleged that Paula Deen and her brother Bubba created a racist and hostile work environment for their employees. In 2013. So no, no passes will be given from over here to Mizz Deen until I see more of what’s behind this case. When we start talking about segregated bathrooms, sexually explicit jokes and talk of  Black men dressed up like old Plantation waiters while in the workplace, I MUST call shenanigans. EXPEDITIOUSLY!!!

I can be wrong… but it isn’t often. And if I am, I invite you to share your thoughts with me in the comments section. But again, let’s be ready to discuss the deposition in it’s entirety… I’ll even post it for you below.


So then, she was dragged. And HARD. And it was hilarious… and a little sad, in light of the days after.

But no, I will not run from my laughter. Click here, here and here for some of the funniest moments from #PaulasBestDishes.

Also, watch her weird appearance on The Today Show below… SMDH.

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“I is what I is?”


Now… that happened and I thought maybe I could breathe after this was over…

But then, the Universe would not let me be great…

Our sitting #SCOTUS set us back more than anything Mizz Deen has done in her butter drenched life only a few short days later… check the next post. And the Trial for George Zimmerman, the murderer of Trayvon Martin, began on Monday. That post is coming soon as well…

Because this is all just too much to fit in one neat package. The rant is rising within me.

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  • gen e hari

    I was just asked in texas, if we celebrated juneteenth in philly….

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    • Diva B.

      I realize that it is very much a Southern thing and I wish we did celebrate it here. I guess the closest we get in Philly is Odunde…

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