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getting it & feeling good: GUEST POST

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Diva being DivaHey hey heeeeeeey!!!

I know, I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately but it’s because Diva has been hard at work. One of those things I have been working on, I am proud to announce, is becoming a guest contributor to Sinuous Magazine, an online magazine I mentioned in a post a few months back. That post lead me to the site, which lead me to be in contact with their publisher and voila! Magic…

My first post for them went up on Sunday and I am pretty proud of it. Expect to see my same brand of honest, gritty posts there as well. Y’all know I don’t change…

The post is about dating, essentially. It is about how we as women settle for relationships we aren’t happy in because we are afraid to get it and feel good:


…And then, on the very surface of my raw, shimmering feelings, this poem was a life raft. I could date who I wanted… love who I wanted… be friends with whatever man I wanted… or not.

Social Media is rife with disdain for women who like to get it… and feel good.  On Twitter, you can barely scroll your timeline without reading something about what “hoes love” or “hoes be like” or “hoes hoes hoes blah blah blah.”

Why has it become so mainstream and almost trendy as of late to try and make women feel horrible about doing things that normal people do?

Why is it OK for men to date and/or sleep with several women without being emotionally attached or to basically collect a harem of women to meet and suit their needs but a woman can’t do a fraction of this without being ridiculed and called all kinds of promiscuous hoes?

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