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I am so excited to be able to bring this to y’all! You may have recently noticed that the website has had some changes. This year, I formed a company called Bleu Media, a company rooted in giving opportunities to artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses and community activists to reach you, provide you with great content […]

Liv n Fitz

Hate is such a strong word, but from the reactions I have seen to the character of Olivia Pope all over social media every Thursday, I think it’s the most fitting way to describe the phenomenon. From tweets calling the fictional character a whore, a slut, a jump-off and worse, to Facebook statuses warning us that any […]

So now what? Your QB is not cutting it, your Wide Receiver may get a promotion, but who will fill his spot in the meanies??? THIS is where the trades make it a glorious January. You have given the appropriate amount of time for these guys to prove their worth and they have been found wanting.


That being said, understand folks… having a spectacular mouf game can be the difference between making it all the way #JumpoffSeason with your current boo and being recalled to the team or being kicked to the curb in January and not making the Big Game in May.


But in all the research I’ve done on Cuffing Season etiquette, I’ve only been able to find posts skewed at the fellas. You may think this is because the ladies don’t do any cuffing season scouting, but you would be WRONG. So very wrong. The unfortunate misconception is that we ladies are content to just get picked for a team, any team, in what amounts to the social network equivalent of a dodge-ball game disguised as love.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012 at the age of 17 years old. He was unarmed.

I am not a mother, but this pain I can sympathize with no matter that detail. I ache for these parents and extended family because for 48 hours, Trayvon laid as a John Doe in a morgue. For two days, a family wondered and worried and waited. For a moment I strip race from it, and wish I could forever. I hope any reader who happens upon this post never has to feel being sick with worry over where your brother, cousin, or friend might be if unheard from for two whole days at the age of 17. And then to find out they have lain in a MORGUE, unclaimed and cold.

Today, I watched us lose by 3 under a brand new coach, Coach Chip Kelly. I still had an amazing day though, and even managed to give a personal message to Andy Reid on the 6 ABC news…

See it below… GO EAGLES!!!

And suck it, Andy.

Social Media is rife with disdain for women who like to get it… and feel good. On Twitter, you can barely scroll your timeline without reading something about what “hoes love” or “hoes be like” or “hoes hoes hoes blah blah blah.”

One just need look at the way Black women are sexualized on a daily basis… EVERYWHERE… to see that he was passively buying into the theory that we’re all here to be ogled and judged; being an object of lust seems to be the de facto space folks like to place us in… we don’t respect our women… OTHERS don’t respect our women… despite the brilliant and brave contributions Black women bring to the world…

Jay Z and Harry Belafonte

Arrogance is one of the things I feel Hip Hop has taken too much poetic license with, along with misogyny, the glorification of violence and it’s consequences, etc… Of course those things will always exist within Hip Hop as long as they exist in society because Hip Hop is at its core a social commentary.

Molly West did NOT beat stupidity. At ALL.

I don’t want to just rant about this, though. I want to be thorough and calculated in my thoughts, so let me begin with this:

George Zimmerman is in fact, a creepy ass cracker.

There. I said it.

paula deen today show crying 660 videograb1

Now, there are so many arguments about whether this is something we should just let fly because, I mean, she’s old and white and Southern for crying in the biscuit dough! But no. That does NOT excuse this for me. No, not EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON in the South in the 60′s used that term or even was a racist.

Justice For Trayvon

For those of you who would like to watch the trial of George Zimmerman live, you can watch it here below. Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.


Kanye West… More like CON-ye West, amirite??? Because that hot fucking mess of an album HAD to be a joke, or a con on his many loyal fans, myself included. I have been on Yeezy’s side since forever, defending every over-the-top move because, somewhere in there, I was convinced that it was all a clever […]

Ahhhh... Jumpoff Season is here...

So… I was asked (albeit a month ago, SMH) to do an episode of the show devoted to sex, and this is going to happen… tomorrow! But because sex is SUCH a broad topic, I decided to break it down and kick it old school.

Kelly Rowland... Ms. Kelly if you're dirty!

she’s sweet and she honestly gives off the realest vibe of any of the thousand members through the revolving door of Kismet’s Kids. Also, she was the ONLY surviving original member besides y’all know who.


America, my heart bleeds for you. The vitriolic and incessant diarrhea of the mouth spewed on website comment sections is enough to show me that things are getting worse. People are out here angry, hurt, sad, and making up random things about others in a lame attempt to justify their ignorance instead of trying to heal.


My issues with misogyny in Hip Hop (and even R&B now, go figure) are well known and something I will be waxing poetic on soon, a piece that will be a labor of love. But this one strikes me because it’s so BLATANTLY a lyric about date rape. In fact, the line itself IS THE EXACT DEFINITION OF DRUG FACILITATED SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DATE RAPE!


Wow… I kinda want to say I didn’t see this coming, but… I did. TMZ is reporting that rapper and (YMCMB) Cash Money/Young Money‘s biggest artist Li’l Wayne is in a medically-induced coma in an L.A. hospital after suffering violent seizures since Tuesday. One guess as to what caused it… At this time he is surrounded […]

Welcome to the Colored Section...

We are a nation of immigrants… And “illegal” citizens, as if by virtue of being born in another country and coming into America to seek opportunity makes you some kind of human contraband… and slaves… and descendants of slaves… It has not been easy for us people of color; the “illegals”, the slaves and slave […]

Kanye West, Taylor Swift

We know Yeezy. This is a man who called then President George W. Bush a racist on national TV. This is a man who drank Hennessy on the red carpet for the 2009 MTV VMA’s and then went on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say that Beyonce should have won the award… he’s clearly not a man who gives any fucks about the rules or how he is perceived.