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Ebony Cover 1966

The saddest part is that we are still trifling over which of our plethora of skin tones is the most desirable… in 2014. On any given day you can see the “light-skinned vs. dark-skinned” debate firing up on social media. Memes…

Photo courtesy of Ev Grieve.

So what do we do? Are marches going to be enough to save us from the psychopathic and sociopathic leanings of our law enforcement officials? How do we convince these departments around the country that they HAVE to start valuing the people? What will it take? Let’s discuss it in the comments, because I have to lay my burdens down on this one. I can’t take it anymore.

Anywho, this pirouetted down my Facebook timeline this evening and I had to share it here because… well… just… beautiful. Amazing. Happy.

All of that describes this. I hope it makes you as happy as it did for me…

When you feel de riddim, my damies… you must DANCE!


Starting Sunday, June 1st, I added a new co-host, Shy the Hater, and we are now poised to bring you Diva’s World LIVE! two days a week, Sunday nights at 8PM EST and Wednesday nights at 10PM EST. We’re following kind of close to the old WWTF Radio format, where Sundays are for current events and many topics that span so many things, and Wednesdays will be our sex and relationship oriented show, Diva’s World LIVE! Talkin’ Dirty #AfterDark!

human ideas

It absolutely matters that the people of Nigeria were cut out of their own very painful struggle to bring attention to their kidnapped girls. We see it in America all the time, a story is “whitewashed” in order for the American media to digest it better… but these people are not American. They are Nigerian people who are asking for our help, our voices and our attention.

I gotta share this…

Because it’s one of the DOPEST uses of digital video technology via a cell phone that I have ever seen. Also, because this guy needs to be opening up on somebody’s tour, or sangin’ in somebody’s background. Then again, his voice is so smooth, I dunno… maybe he should just be signed. Immediately….

On May 5th, the 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial candidates, and their representatives, came to speak to the residents of Delaware County, PA. I live near the community center where they came to speak, and was asked by the Upper Darby Democratic Committee to come and record their remarks ahead of our upcoming primary election on May 20th. It was an informative, and at times tense, experience and I am glad I had the opportunity to get the footage to share with you.

Now, when I woke up this morning, I hear that none other than Mr. Why-is-he-still-allowed-on-social-media-in-2014 Tyrese Gibson may have singlehandedly blown the deal… anyone surprised by this? ANYONE???

See, last night, Tyrese posted a video on his Facebook page talking about the deal and calling Dre Hip Hop’s first Billionaire… the video has since been removed from Facebook, but the YouTube rip is still making the rounds. You can check it out below before it’s pulled again.

I am so excited to be able to bring this to y’all! You may have recently noticed that the website has had some changes. This year, I formed a company called Bleu Media, a company rooted in giving opportunities to artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses and community activists to reach you, provide you with great content […]

Liv n Fitz

Hate is such a strong word, but from the reactions I have seen to the character of Olivia Pope all over social media every Thursday, I think it’s the most fitting way to describe the phenomenon. From tweets calling the fictional character a whore, a slut, a jump-off and worse, to Facebook statuses warning us that any […]

Today, I watched us lose by 3 under a brand new coach, Coach Chip Kelly. I still had an amazing day though, and even managed to give a personal message to Andy Reid on the 6 ABC news…

See it below… GO EAGLES!!!

And suck it, Andy.

Social Media is rife with disdain for women who like to get it… and feel good. On Twitter, you can barely scroll your timeline without reading something about what “hoes love” or “hoes be like” or “hoes hoes hoes blah blah blah.”

One just need look at the way Black women are sexualized on a daily basis… EVERYWHERE… to see that he was passively buying into the theory that we’re all here to be ogled and judged; being an object of lust seems to be the de facto space folks like to place us in… we don’t respect our women… OTHERS don’t respect our women… despite the brilliant and brave contributions Black women bring to the world…

Jay Z and Harry Belafonte

Arrogance is one of the things I feel Hip Hop has taken too much poetic license with, along with misogyny, the glorification of violence and it’s consequences, etc… Of course those things will always exist within Hip Hop as long as they exist in society because Hip Hop is at its core a social commentary.

Molly West did NOT beat stupidity. At ALL.

I don’t want to just rant about this, though. I want to be thorough and calculated in my thoughts, so let me begin with this:

George Zimmerman is in fact, a creepy ass cracker.

There. I said it.

paula deen today show crying 660 videograb1

Now, there are so many arguments about whether this is something we should just let fly because, I mean, she’s old and white and Southern for crying in the biscuit dough! But no. That does NOT excuse this for me. No, not EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON in the South in the 60’s used that term or even was a racist.

Justice For Trayvon

For those of you who would like to watch the trial of George Zimmerman live, you can watch it here below. Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.